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Marble Strikes Moon; A New Show of Paintings

May 27, 2021 7:00 pm . Marble Strikes Moon features work from six emerging and established painters working across Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. The exhibition is centred around new questions in contemporary painting. The artists examine, reimagine, and reinterpret how representational paintings work; that is, the artists explore how and why artists paint things: people, places, and experiences. In this rich territory, the artists pull a variety of interests and processes together in the act of weaving meaning into paint. Running parallel throughout the exhibition is the importance of the painting medium. The artists build on technical proficiency, search for new ways of painting, and open up unexpected moments in the estuary where paint and subject matter meet. The artists are driven by the excitement of the painting act and a search for freshness in an age-old medium. . --, ON - .. Event Details. Location: --, ON - , Ottawa