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Beekeeping 101

January 18, 2018 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Discover how easy it is to get started as a novice beekeeper! Paul Lacelle, board member with the Ontario Beekeepers Association, will answer common questions such as: Where do you get bees? What considerations do you have to keep in mind before you start? Why do bees forage? What are the different types of bees in a hive and what are their roles?Honeybees have been around for millions of years. Honey was found in the tombs of Egypt and it was still edible! Did you know that the average honeybee produces only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime? Honeybees collect nectar from about two million flowers to make half a kilogram of honey! The flavour and colour of honey is determined by the different types of nectar from flowers.If you're curious about honeybees and how you might have your own, this presentation is for you!Biography – Paul LacellePaul Lacelle has kept bees for over 25 years and presently has 45 colonies. He promotes the well-being of honeybees by teaching others how to best care for these amazing creatures.Paul started offering workshops at his apiary, which eventually led into teaching at Algonquin College. He is also involved in teaching workshops with the Ontario Beekeepers Association Tech Transfer Program.For the past three years, Paul and his wife have offered a Beekeepers' Field Day on their 80acre property. This event has become a favourite with beekeepers in Ottawa and the surrounding area, with 130 to 140 beekeepers typically in attendance. The event features various workshops, plus lots of meet-and-greet time.Currently, Paul is on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Beekeepers Association. He is also the past President of his Local Beekeeping Association. He has taken courses in Integrated Pest Management for honeybees, as well as courses with the Ministry of Environment.He and his wife also operate a small beekeeping supply store, primarily offering equipment to the hobby beekeeper and mentoring on how to get started.. 901 Prince of Wales DriveOttawa, ON K2C 3K1.. Event Details. Location: 901 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa