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Diary of Events and Happenings in Ottawa, Ontario.

Ciné-club - Fidelio, L'odyssée d'Alice

October 13, 2017 6:00 pm. Thirty-year-old Alice is a sailor. She leaves her partner Félix behind on dry land to work as a mechanic on the Fidelio, an old freighter. Once on board, she learns that she is replacing a man who just died, and she discovers that Gaël, her first love, is the ship's captain.In her cabin, Alice finds a notebook that belonged to her predecessor. She reads the notes between mechanical problems, sexual conquests and bouts of lovesickness. Curiously, they resonate with her own voyage.Through ports of call, in the midst of an all-male crew and distracted by her tumultuous relationships, Alice embraces the happiness that comes from living in the moment as she tries to stay the course….With English subtitles.Best actress winner: Ariane Labed (Festival de Locarno 2014). 352 MacLaren StreetOttawa, ON K2P 0M6.. Event Details. Location: 352 MacLaren Street, Ottawa