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In the Room

May 18, 2017 7:30 pm. Created by Cellar Door Project featuring Mariah Horner, Nicholas Leno, Nicole Titus, Megan Carty, and Caterina FiorindiJust as every skyscraper has its foundation, every play has its rehearsals. From collaborations to confrontations, from rivalries to romances - for many theatre artists, rehearsals are as memorable as performances themselves. With the help of past NAC company members, The Cellar Door Project is filling the Back Stage Rehearsal Hall with first-hand stories of creation. Exploring the history of the NAC and Canadian theatre through stories told by people who were there, In the Room examines the product of process.The Cellar Door Project is a site-specific theatre company that makes plays about things that actually happened in the places they actually happened in. The Cellar Door ensemble tell stories of your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood. From old police lockups to local dive bars, from record stores to the oldest cemetery in Ontario, they create plays based on characters whose stories unfold in the same space in which the audience sits. Or stands. Or runs. Since 2012 Cellar Door has told stories of Kingston's first observatory in City Park, the woman who got Sir John A up out of bed every morning, and an escape from the Kingston Penitentiary. Ottawa StoryTellers is delighted to partner with this exciting group of young storytellers!. 53 Elgin StreetOttawa, ON K1P 5W1.. Event Details. Location: 53 Elgin Street, Ottawa