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Mercredis découvertes : Plateau double - David Goudreault et D-Track

November 30, 2016 8:00 pm. David Goudreault - La Faute du silence:The first Quebecer to win the Coupe du monde de poésie in Paris in 2011, David Goudreault is a poet, slam artist and writer who seizes the word and holds it out to be heard. A social worker by training, he offers hard-hitting and touching texts that subtly and powerfully denounce the inequalities, injustices and failings of society. - Message texte à Nelligan:Ever-faithful to his original and poetic approach to topics, D-Track brings us Message texte à Nelligan, his latest album to date. The title is a nod to the technological society we live in, the artist's prose and the fact that he no longer writes his song using pen and paper, since he is hooked on his smart phone, auto-correct and laptop keyboard. A musical universe that blends samples and real instruments in a frenzy of rap, slam and folk with a little funk and jazz thrown in. 25 Laurier StreetGatineau, QC J8X 3Y9.. Event Details. Location: 25 Laurier Street, Ottawa