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Leahy Family Christmas

A Leahy Family Christmas Music Presented by: Centrepointe Theatres Multiple Juno award winning Leahy is a musical powerhouse of eight Canadian brothers and sisters who have been playing together their entire lives.Influenced by roots, pop, country and traditional Canadian music, their definitive musical career is lined with many awards and distinctions. Language: English Dates: December 12, 2013 On: Thursday, 8 pm Cost: $50 Adult At: Centrepointe Theatre 101 Centrepointe Drive Nepean City Sector: West Ottawa Getting There: Google Maps By Bus: OC Transpo STO Ticket Info: erce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS% 3ACP%3AC1314%3ACT1212T%3A&linkID=ce ntrepointe&shopperContext=&pc=&call er=&appCode=&groupCode=M13&cgc= Event Info: ents tickets/December2013/leahy/ind ex.htm Phone: 613-580-2700 Toll Free: 1-866-752-5231 TTY: 613-580-2715. Event Details. Location: 101 Centrepointe Drive